Submission of manuscripts

Submission procedure

Go to Online Submission to make a submission using the manuscript submission form. Please make sure that MS (manuscript) is complete with a tables and figures, that pages and lines are numbered continuously and that author and contact information are indicated in the manuscript.

The final stage is to upload of the manuscript including:

- Main document (the main text and tables) in Microsoft Word format

- figures (separate figure files) in EXCEL, JPEG, GIF or TIFF

- cover letter

- supporting Information to be published in addition to the full text paper.

The original files, that you upload will be saved and can be accessed by the journal office if necessary.

Note: Manuscript can be submitted only in Microsoft Word format (with file extensions .doc or .docx only).

Make sure that the manuscript is complete with all tables and figures, which all pages are numbered continuously, and that author(s) and contact information are indicated in the manuscript. On the first page, give manuscript title, author(s) names, postal address(es), and e-mail address of the corresponding author, abstract and keywords while do not include acknowledgements.

The paper should be accompanied by a cover letter from the author who will be responsible for correspondence regarding the manuscript. The letter should contain a statement, that the manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors. The letter should contain a statement that this paper has not been published elsewhere and, if accepted for publication in the Baltic Forestry, it will not be published in any other journal in the same or similar form without written consent from Editors.

All papers submitted to Baltic Forestry are peer reviewed by at least two independent referees. To ensure fairness, referees are anonymous. Please, provide with names and email addresses of three potential referees.

Contribution should be in English.

Reproduction of contributions is not permitted.

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