Lynikienė, J. 2006. Effect of Insecticide Arrivo on Ground Beetle (Coleoptera, Carabidae) Species Diversity in Scots Pine Stands. Baltic Forestry, 12 (1): 39-45

The research was performed in Druskininkai forest enterprise in 2001. The objective was to estimate the impact of chemical insecticide Arrivo upon ground beetle species diversity in pine stands damaged by pine beauty moth (Panolis flammea Schiff.). Test plots were established in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands and ground beetles were collected in the areas of operational aerial spray against pine beauty moth. Ground beetles were trapped with Barber ground traps. Total number of ground traps was 72. Quantitative parameters (total number of species S and total number of individuals N per season) were compiled from trap catches. Species richness and diversity were evaluated using Shannon (H) species diversity index and measure of evenness (E). Species dominance was estimated according to Simpson’s index (D) and Berger–Parker’s index d. Sorenson index was used to evaluate similarity between ground beetle species composition in variants. The catch data of ground traps were fitted to the model of logarithmic species abundance distribution. Shannon’s species diversity index (H) was 1.29 in Arrivo 40 g/ha treated variant. Species diversity index was the same in the last two variants (20 g/ha treated and untreated control, H=1.25). According to Berger–Parker’s index, the most abundant species of ground beetle comprised: in Arrivo 20 g/ha treated variant – 35 %, in Arrivo 40 g/ha treated variant – 44 % and in untreated control – 40 % of all collected ground beetles.

Key words: insecticide Arrivo, species diversity, ground beetles, pine stands