Aleinikovas, M. and Grigaliūnas, J. 2006. Differences of Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Wood Physical and Mechanical Properties from Different Forest Site Types in Lithuania. Baltic Forestry, 12 (1): 9-13

The paper presents the evaluation and comparison of some physical and mechanical properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood from three Lithuanian forest sites – normal humidity very poor site (Na), normal humidity poor site (Nb) and normal humidity fertile site (Nc). The data have been collected on the basis of 9 sample plots. Wood samples were taken at the stem butt–end. The average annual ring width, late wood percentage in annual ring, wood density, bending strength in tangential direction and compression strength along the grain were determined in the samples. Wood density of pine trees from the analysed three forest sites have not difered significantly. The estimated bending strength (92.68 MPa) and compression strength parallel to grain (82.48 MPa) of wood from Nb site are highest and significantly difer, in comparison with Na and Nc forest sites.

Key words: Scots pine, forest site type, wood physical – mechanical properties