Gerasimov, Y. and Karjalainen, T. 2008. Development Program for Improving Wood Procurement in Northwest Russia Based on SWOT Analysis. Baltic Forestry, 14 (1): 87-92

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of wood procurement in Northwest Russia have been analysed from Finnish forest industry perspective and development program for further improvement has been provided. The SWOT analysis of a wood procurement system, where round-wood is conveyed from a stump to a customer mill gate by means of technical and commercial operations that include wood purchasing, logging, storing and logistics, is conducted in this study. The focus for this analysis is in the Northwest regions of the Russian Federation where the Finnish forest industry’s purchasing operations and investments in wood processes are concentrated. This paper describes potential technological, economical, social and environmental impacts on future developments of wood procurement. Issues have been classified and those key issues related to wood supply planning, wood sources, wood markets, logistics, harvesting, environmental responsibility, human resources and social responsibility have been highlighted. Results of the analysis may be used in decision-making.

Key words: Russia, forest industry investments, trade of industrial round-wood, wood harvesting, environmental responsibility, social responsibility