Baltrušaitis, A. 2008. Modelling of Frame Saw Blade Abrasion in the Kerf in Sawing Softwood Logs. Baltic Forestry, 14 (1): 44-49

The effect of friction and abrasion of frame saw blades side planes in a kerf when sawing pine and spruce sawlogs in the top end diameter classes’ interval 18-40 cm was modelled accordingly to resultant saw blade thickness and surface hardness. Gradually diminishing saw blade thickness eliminates initial surface hardness of cold rolled strip steel. Hardness and thickness of new and used frame saw blades interrelationships on the abrasion zone of frame saw blades were discussed. Phenomena’s of thickness diminution were established showing good correlation between thickness and surface hardness. The effect of asymptotic stabilization of hardness after certain depth of wear on saw blade side planes has been stated. Further recovery of surface hardness alongside the blade length seemed to be related to the typical sawlog diameter classes’ distribution (18-40 cm) at the Lithuanian frame sawmills.

Key words:modelling saw blade, abrasion, wear, hardness, sawlog.