Läänelaid, A., Sohar, K. and Meikar, T. 2008. Present State and Chronology od Oak in an Oak Forest in Saaremaa Island, Estonia. Baltic Forestry, 14 (1): 34-43

The Loode oak forest in Saaremaa Island has long been used as meadow and pastureland, but there were no data about the age and course of radial growth of the big oaks. Age of 40 pedunculate oaks (Quercus robur L.) were assessed from the cumulative increment curves. The oldest sampled tree is about 500 years old. Correlation of radial increment of oaks with climate data was investigated, also in temporal course. January temperature has a significant negative correlation and June precipitation has a significant positive correlation and in addition, since 1960-ies April temperature has a significant negative correlation with the oaks’ growth. The climate data of pointer years show that the combinations of affecting factors may be various. The investigation cannot confirm the thesis of forest decline in the Loode oak forest. The reasons for absence of young oaks probably come from the centuries-long management practice of the area.

Key words:pedunculate oak, radial increment, age assessment, pointer years, Loode, Saaremaa.