Danusevičius, D. 2008. The Hybrid Vigour from Intra-specific Crosses of Scots Pine. Baltic Forestry, 14 (1): 2-6

Cloning of the superior genotypes may efficiently exploit the hybrid vigour effect from inter-provenance crosses. The prospects are discussed by comparing the performance of the intraspecific hybrid progeny with the progeny of the autochthonous populations of Scots pine at age 23 in a field trial in Lithuania. The polycross progeny were markedly taller of better stem quality than their autochthonous counterparts. If compared with the introduced populations, the local population was the best in both wood yield and stem quality. In conclusion, the local male parent introduced by pollen mixture in a polycross markedly improved wood yield and quality of Scots pine progeny. Old provenance trials may be used to pollinate the desired foreign clones with the pollen of superior local genotypes.

Key words: clonal forestry, hybrid, polycross, provenance, Pinus sylvestris, short-term breeding