A review of flame protection of wooden materials and future potential with nano additives

   Wood is a highly sustainable material and there is significant interest in its use in the construction industry in terms of modern building construction. However, safety rules and regulations, including fireproof requirements, have become increasingly demanding. In this regard, more effective and eco-friendly approaches for wooden materials treatment related to this topic are subject to research interest in laboratories around the world. The rapid development of nanotechnology offers new materials with unique properties, which will be able to partly substitute or even replace regular chemicals, often toxic to the environment, in the future. This paper overviews traditional fire retarding methods and fire retardants that are applied for the modification of wooden materials. In addition, the potential use of nanomaterials for wood and wooden applications were discussed by extensively literature review.

Keywords: wood-based materials; flame retardancy; reaction-to-fire testing; nanomaterials; nano additives