Blinkova, O., Shupova, T. and Raichuk, L. 2023. α-Diversity of plant communities, forest birds and wood-decaying fungi in urban parks of a metropolis. Baltic Forestry 29(1): 50–63

   The biodiversity of urban parks is an indicator object of monitoring biodiversity under conditions of constant recreational pressure. The main approaches to these issues are based on measuring the indices of vertical and horizontal heterogeneity of parklands, which make it possible to identify links between plant, wood-decaying fungi and bird diversities. As in the case of Kyiv, Ukraine, we augmented existing published data with new compositions, links and α-diversity indices of plant, fungi and bird communities in the parks of a metropolis! The infraction of α-diversity (diversity, dominance, and evenness indices) and the compositions in the communities depending on the level of recreational transformation of the parks were established. The main driving factors of α-diversity in urban parks were shown. Further research is needed to use these relationships to indicate the state of park ecosystems.

Keywords: plant, vegetation, forest birds, wood-decaying fungi, recreational impact, diversity index, dominance index, evenness index