Makarov, V.P., Malykh, O.F. and Gorbunov, I.V. 2022. Population variability of vegetative organs of Dahurian larch in Eastern Transbaikalia. Baltic Forestry 28(2): 200–207.

   The available information on the morphological diversity and localization of the morphological forms of Dahurian larch (Larix gmelinii) in Siberia is currently insufficient. This research seeks to fill the knowledge gaps to some extent. The paper describes the population variability of vegetative organs of Larix gmelinii growing in Eastern Transbaikalia, Russia. The problem is approached by studying a complex of morphological characters of natural Larix gmelinii populations along the Transbaikalian rivers. Also, the habitat conditions of Dahurian larch coenopopulations were recorded for further analysis of the connection between the morphological characters and the habitat parameters. The study established the values of morphological characters and their variability limits and traced the localization patterns of the morphological forms of Dahurian larch in the river basins. Moreover, the morphological characters of larch vegetative organs were found to relate to the location and the habitat conditions of the coenopopulations. The research materials can be useful for correcting the larch seeding zones in Transbaikalia, establishing larch genetic reserves, and introducing new morphological forms into the selection for urban beautification and protective plantations. The study provides additional information on the morphological variability patterns of Larix gmelinii for the area of species in general.

Keywords: Eastern Transbaikalia, Larix gmelinii, vegetative organs, population variability