Kärenlampi, P.P. 2022. Empirical observations of the yield of logs from trees of the boreal region. Baltic Forestry 28(1): 117–122.

   The yield of sawlogs and plywood logs from boreal trees is discussed. First, taper curves are used to compute geometric (maximal) sawlog and plywood log contents. Then, a quality reduction is implemented, according to previously published models. Finally, the outcome is verified using empirical observations. Regarding spruce trees, the different estimates of sawlog content agree. In the case of birch and pine trees, the estimates differ. The sawlog and plywood log yield from large trees is greater than prognosticated, probably due to missing over-aged trees in the empirical data. The yield of sawlogs and plywood logs from small trees is smaller than prognosticated, most of the empirical data originating from thinnings with a focus on the quality of the remaining trees. The sawlog content of individual trees from clearcutting displays a skew distribution around the expected value. The distribution in thinning trunks shows a binary component, with a large proportion of trees with zero sawlog content.

Keywords: sawlog, plywoodlog, Picea abies, Betula species, Pinus sylvestris