Aleksandrov, N. and Tonchev, T. 2021. Ecosystem fit of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) plantations in south-western Bulgaria. Baltic Forestry 27(2): 253–265.

   A classification according to the level of ecosystem fit for plantations of Scots pine in south-western Bulgaria is proposed in this study. For this purpose, two indices which characterize the relief and soil conditions are used. The assessment of climatic conditions is made using the De Martonne index. The plantations are classified into four groups and two subgroups. The predominant part (55.8%) of the studied plantations grows in highly vulnerable to drought zone, while 35.5% are in the absence of ecosystem fit. This way of classification of the Scots pine plantations will allow to apply differentiated management regimes. In the present conditions of climate change, this classification can be used in estimation of the appropriate habitats for the afforestation by establishing Scots pine plantations in the future.

Keywords: adaptive management, climate change, aridity index, forest stands classification