Põllumäe, P.* and Korjus, H. 2017. Estonian Private Forestry: a Review of Research and Developments. Baltic Forestry 23(3): 724-733 (Review Paper).

   This review about research and development of private forestry is based on 23 scientific papers and statistical information related to private forestry in Estonia. Such a broader overview about the developments, current state and future prospects of private forest ownership and management in Estonia has yet to be conducted. The aim of this review is to provide a retrospect on research in this field and describe the different developments in the sector based on the reviewed studies. These studies are categorised into more general topics based on their content – land reform, property and tenure rights, structural changes in forest policy, changing forest owners and ownership and forest management and cooperation. All these issues are discussed in both broader and local contexts. In addition, suggestions are made for future research topics in each case.

   Keywords: governance, forest policy, transition, forest management, forest owner.