Belova, O. and Šežikas, K. 2017. Dynamics and Sustainable Use of Moose (Alces alces L.) Population, Baltic Forestry 23(3):711-723 (Review Paper)

   The moose (id. European Elk) (Alces alces Linnaeus, 1758) is an inherent component of the forest ecosystem in Lithuania. It is an important game species harvested within its range. Without human intervention, wildlife including moose can increase in numbers up to marked overpopulation followed by disease, starvation and damage caused to forestry. Although nature has its own ways of controlling wildlife populations, these ways could be much less humane that modern hunting. Population management decisions include appropriate harvest levels, timing of hunting seasons, habitat carrying capacity and habitat management practices. We have queried publications and internet-based resources to determine the moose population dynamics and changes predicted for different habitats and conditions. The existing population management models and methodology were analysed.

   Keywords: moose population, dynamics, habitats, management, modelling, sustainable use.